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"Some of them do not have world famous names, some of them are not even the most visited destinations. However, after you discover them, you will say for sure:
These are some of the most beautiful places in the world"

Choose the best
When you go on Czech / Europe / Private travel or cycling with CZ EuroTour you receive the best service. You are on the road with the "original". CZ EuroTour is established in this area. We are a team of professionals who have great experiences and know this area very well. We have chosen the most interesting places, sights and entertainment for you. You will see more and also discover such magnificent monuments and attractions that foreign tour operators may not show you. With CZ EuroTour you don't travel to unknown countries, in fact you come to visit us, to visit our home, our region. During your vacations, we are close to you, prepared to help you, to assist you and make your vacations as enjoyable as possible.

More vacations, the best value
CZ EuroTour vacations offers you carefully selected hotels, great sightseeing, dining, all entry fees for included guided sightseeing, the best entertainment, local expert travel guides, experienced and helpful Tour Director for your assistance. CZ EuroTour offers more for your money!

You are a person, not a number
CZ EuroTour service is unique. Even if every tour has well-planed itineraries, we are interested in your personal satisfaction. Do you want to see something special? We are prepared to fix a private itinerary to suit your interest, if it is possible. Please, contact us as soon as possible before your arrival directly by E-mail, fax or ask your travel agent for assistance.

Enjoy your stay
With CZ EuroTour you will have enough time to enjoy all sights, cities, castles. You will have enough time for shopping or other interests as well. In short, you will explore visited places and not only see them from the comfortable coach's windows like with other "All Europe in few days" tours.