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Some of them do not have world famous names, some of them are not even the most visited destinations. However, after you discover them, you will say for sure:

"These are some of the most beautiful places in the world"


(* km from Prague - approximately)

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4.1. MORAVSKY KRAS (Moravian Karst) - the one of the most important karst areas in Central Europe (245 km *)

. Very beautiful karst landscape and caves. Take
a unique breathtaking boat cruise on the underground Punkva River, it is an unforgettable experience. Through Punkevni Cave, one of 1000 so far discovered caves, you can step down to
the bottom of the Macocha Abyss (138.5m deep). A possibility to order a very unique concert in the Katerina Cave (Catherine's Cave).



4.2. ADRSPACH ROCKS - the National Nature Reservation (200 km *)

. A unique extensive premise with two "Rocky Towns" and 1 500 rocky towers. Accompanied by
a professional guide you walk through the reservation, including an exciting boat ride between the tall rocks (altogether 6 hours).



4.3. ROZNOV POD RADHOSTEM - a unique open-air museum of folk architecture (350 km *) .

See the historical center of the town and visit
a world unique open-air museum. You will admire beauties such as the old water mill and other wooden buildings from 18th century. Hike to the Radhost - Pustevny, the most memorable mountain of the Beskydy. See the God Radegast statue there.




4.4. KRKONOSE - over 300 million years old mountain range - UNESCO listed reservation (170 km *)

The Krkonose National Park is one of the largest protected areas in Europe. By a cable way you reach Snezka, the tallest Czech Mountain. Visit the historical town Vrchlabi, its ancient square, historic houses with exhibits of traditional crystal, clocks, and nativity scenes and an original krkonose living room with a historical weaving loom. Visit a unique Second World War bunker (plans, maps, pictures, models and guns).

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4.5. KONEPRUSY - the magnificent, large, three floor speleothem caves (45 km *)

Visit the only opened speleothem caves, the Caves of Koneprusy. See noteworthy stalactites and artifacts of money forgers from 15th century. Fossils of human bones of Homo sapiens (50 - 60 thousand years old) were discovered there.



4.6. ORLIK LAKE - a 70 km large lake on the Vltava River (95 km *)

Orlik Dam was built in 1960 and is one of the most popular holiday areas in the Czech Republic today. The dam is 91m high and 515m width. Take
a boat cruise on the lake and Vltava River with excellent Czech beer, music and dance. See the two water castles - Orlik and Zvikov.



4.7. THE CERCHOV LOOKOUT TOWER - open to the public from 2000 (190 km *)

The lookout tower at the Cerchov Mountain (1048m) offers a magnificent panorama of the Sumava mountain range and Czech, German and Austrian landscape. The Cerchov Mountain used to be an observation basis and listening post of the Czechoslovak army during the cold war.

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