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Some of them do not have world famous names, some of them are not even the most visited destinations. However, after you discover them, you will say for sure:

"These are some of the most beautiful places in the world"


Part 1

(* km from Prague - approximately)

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov

3.1. CESKY KRUMLOV - UNESCO listed town is one of the most stunning places in the Czech Republic (185 km *)

The town of Cesky Krumlov is more and more turning into the final destination of thousands of visitors from our own country and abroad. This is no wonder, as it has been preserved as a mediaeval architectonical historical monument even now and is picturesquely located on the meander of the Vltava River. The unrivaled status of the town led to the declaration of Cesky Krumlov as a Historical Urban Reservation as early as 1963. The significance of Cesky Krumlov as an unusual Historical Monument was pointed out in 1992 by the act of the International Association of UNESCO. Cesky Krumlov was included among the monuments of world importance, those to which exceptional care, attention and support had to be indispensably devoted. The unique urban integrity contains more than 300 historical buildings and its atmosphere is absolutely incomparable.

Cesky Krumlov Cesky Krumlov Cesky Krumlov


Ceske Budejovice Town hall

Ceske Budejovice Samson fountain

3.2. CESKE BUDEJOVICE - metropolis of the South Bohemia
(150 km *)

Visit of the historical center - 1 ha square with the Samson Fountain. The square is one of the largest in the Czech Republic. See the mediaeval torture chamber, the historical horse railway (from Ceske Budejovice to Linz in Austria) - very interesting sight. Don't miss a visit of the famous Czech original Budweiser brewery (incl. beer tasting), founded in 19th century.


      Ceske Budejovice square   Ceske Budejovice Black tower   Ceske Budejovice Grandhotel Zvon


Karlovy Vary collonade

Karlovy Vary spring Liberty

3.3. KARLOVY VARY - the world famous spa town, founded by the King Charles IV in 1350 (140 km *)

This spa town with many hot and cold thermal springs attracted many famous people like Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak, Goethe, and many others. Medicinal springs water tasting, spa baths. Temperature of the thermal springs is between 42°C and 72°C. The most powerful thermal spring gushes from the depth of 2-3 km up to the height of 15m. Opportunity to visit the Moser glass-works and discover how the famous Czech crystal glass is made. If you prefer a liqueur to crystal glass, you have a chance to visit Karlovarska Becherovka (Carlsbad Becher) liqueur.


Karlovy Vary thermal spring Karlovy Vary King George street Karlovy Vary church Karlovy Vary Snake spring


Cheb Spalicek

     Cheb Spalicek

3.4. CHEB - a town with rich history (185 km *)

Discover Cheb, a town with rich history dating back as early as the 9th century. See the Cheb Castle, guarded by the Black Tower, the European unique Romance Chapel, and the square with mediaeval buildings including the symbol of the town Spalicek. You cannot miss the Cheb Museum, which attracted thousands of visitors as early as 1874!



      Frantiskan monastery   Mikulas church   Valdstejn



3.5. OLOMOUC - after Prague the second most ancient urban preservation area in the Czech Republic (280 km *)

Olomouc is a Royal town from 1203, where the Emperor Franz Joseph I was crowned in 1848. See the St. Wenceslas Cathedral (1109),
the Astronomical clock, the St. Moritz Church and its organs from 1745, called the "Queen of Moravian Organs".



3.6. KUTNA HORA - former Royal and silver mining town, listed by UNESCO (80 km *)

Kutna Hora is an ancient town from the second half of the 13th century, arisen from a silver mining village. Historical monuments of this UNESCO listed town ranks among the best European architectural masterpieces. Visit magnificent St. Barbara Cathedral, Silver Museum, exposition of handicrafts, the Stone Fountain - unique Gothic historical monument, the Church of St. James, Stone House, etc. The Historical Middle Ages' Festival takes place every year here.



3.7. MARIANSKE LAZNE - one of the most important Czech spa towns (170 km *)

Marianske lazne is a spa town from 16th century with more than
100 medicinal springs. Visit historical center, spa houses, very beautiful colonnade, large English park, etc. Famous visitors include J.W. Goethe,
F. Chopin, R. Wagner, J. Strauss, A. Dvorak, and many others. Medicinal spring water tasting, spa baths.



3.8. TELÈ - "White Pearl of Bohemia Towns" - UNESCO listed town (120 km *)

Admire splendid oblong center of Telc, lined by Renaissance houses with arcades. The town is one of the most well preserved historic cities in the world. Visit the chateaux.